Research of Documents
Procedure directly in Italy

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The services we offer are:

  •          Research of documents in Italy
  •          Document analysis
  •          Support for translation and legalization of documents
  •          Full support for the process in Italy
  •          General counsel services
  •          Complete assistance in Portuguese, Italian, English and Spanish

  Assistance in Italy

In Italy, the clientes will have the following support:

  •          Reception at the airport.
  •          An attorney in charge of the process in Italy, available to explain step by step steps the same.
  •          A lawyer employee designated specifically for your case, that will take care of all the practical aspects of the process.
  •          An employee of the office for "logistical assistance".

Organizing documents:

Do not know how to start or do not have time for reaserch of documents and bureaucracy?

Do not worry because our office will find all documents.

This step is perhaps the most important process. So we give you all the help in all the steps of:

     Search for documents

Invitation letter and search in Italy

Our driver will pick you up in the Reggio Calabria airport or train station.

It is important that clients arrive on Monday, so the process can begin immediately without wasting time.

In our web-site there are photos of the city, apartments, our team and some cases done.

We also offer a useful invitation letter to enter smoothly in Italy.

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